Elliott Hill

I’m currently a Junior Game Developer at Push Gaming.

I’ve developed a broad skillset that covers a large section of modern technology and technical creativity, from programming and development of games and websites to video and photo editing and production.

I have a love of games and play a large mixture of titles from all genres.



Map Quiz

This is a map quiz I’ve been working on in my spare time and will continue to develop with the aim of releasing it on PC and mobile.

The Chantry Mobile VR Museum Viewer

Using the assets created for the PlayStation VR game: the Chantry, I created an Android VR application that is a companion to the Edward Jenner Museum that the PSVR game is based on. 


Enlightenmore is an online platform for sharing and discovering new ideas. On this platform, you can discover new thinkers and their works by looking at your specific idea of interest and seeing the best arguments for and against, side by side.